Today’s inspiration comes from KittyKat, who contemplates faking illness to avoid an unpleasant family gathering, then wonders why she doesn’t use depression, a genuine illness, as a justifiable excuse.

The comfort of the acceptable lie
Smothers truth in the vacuum of our uncertainty


5 thoughts on “Suffocation

    • Last point, then I’ll leave you in peace!

      I think the line “The comfort of the acceptable lie” is so true on different levels.

      Yes, it is more comfortable for me to lie and say I have flu, but perhaps more importantly, I think other people would feel much more comfortable hearing that than, “I can’t come because my depression/anxiety has flared up”.

      I recall reading a statistic that said in Ireland the vast majority of people would rather NOT know a friend or loved one had a mental illness. Shocking, but it perhaps speaks to people’s fear and ignorance of the issue still, even in this day and age.

      Thank you Keigh.

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