Warning Signs 9

Double-J brushed past Jimmy, the teen’s hulking body stomping towards the jacket he had tossed across the cafeteria floor. Dan knew this wouldn’t be the first time his student left practice in anger — and then he heard the words coming from his mouth before he realized what he was saying.

Jimmy’s head snapped in his direction, eyes wide at Dan’s words. Double-J kept storming away, giving no indication whether he’d heard his coach.

Dan looked down to his right, the long and narrow duffel that contained the Bark Bay High School fencing team’s weapons open. He knelt down, grabbed a sabre, then with a broad sweep of his arm tossed the weapon towards the center of the large room. The thin metal clattered on the tile floor, bounced, clattered again, the sharp sound echoing.

Double-J stopped, glared at the sabre, then over at Dan, who stood with arms folded across his shoulders, smiling greedily, as he repeated the words he had just spoken.

“One last bout.”



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