Warning Signs 2

“Coach?” Dan and Jimmy turned in the direction of Annie’s questioning voice. “You can do point in line with sabre, right?” She was standing in the makeshift strip at the center of the cafeteria floor, her mask lifted up and turtling her head; several feet to her right, Double-J also lifted his mask, revealing a bearded face streaked with perspiration and exasperation.

Dan nodded to Jimmy, the only person in the room who had at one time held a fencing referee’s certification. “Same rules as in foil.”

“You gave up the line.” Double-J waved at Annie dismissively.

The athletic teen frowned, her eyes returning their focus on the two older men off to their side. “He didn’t take my blade, and I did a cut,” Annie flicking her right wrist for emphasis.

Jimmy shook his head. “Soon as you break the line, it’s a new attack.” He pointed at Double-J. “You attack into her line?”

“Yeah.” Double-J made no attempt to hide his annoyance.

Jimmy’s right index finger pointed in a line towards Annie’s chest. “And you drew back your blade to make the head cut?”

“Yeah, but — ”

Jimmy raised his left hand, the one closest to Double-J, as he pointed with his right hand, palm down, twoards Annie. “Touch left.”

But —

Double-J’s loud snort cut off Annie’s protest. The burly teen then pulled his mask down over his face. “You wanna argue about rules, save it for after we finish this bout.” 


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