Too Much 15

Coach Dan, his face squeezed tight, took a step forward, laid hands on Rune’s outstretched arms, and with gentle yet assertive pressure, forced them down to the teen’s sides. Behind them, a scoring machine buzzed, followed by a referee’s command to Halt.

“I’m not asking you to do anything, my friend.” The older man’s commanding voice a contrast to his calm face. “If anything, I’m asking you to stop trying so hard.”

“To do what?” It was a sincere question, Rune realizing he really didn’t have any idea what he should have been looking for this day, even before the incident with Annie and JanHar.

Coach Dan jabbed an index finger into Rune’s chest, softly. “Searching for answers. They’re funny things, I’ve found, it’s like they know when they’re being hunted and do their best to hide. If you just relax, not worry too much about finding those answers, sometimes — ” now it was time for the older man to spread his arms, inviting the world around him into his embrace — “they just, come to you. See what I mean?”

“OK.” Rune nodded, both his words and body language a lie. Coach Dan then excused himself, leaving Rune alone at the center of the large field house, surrounded by the sights and sounds of the energetic combat around him.

End of “Too Much”

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