Too Much 12

Rune nervously examined JanHar’s face, which maintained its placid curiosity. He felt Rex’s presence behind him like a judgment, wordless grunts a gray cloud bearing down on him.

“Hey.” The familiar voice behind and to the left of Rex stabbed into Rune’s ear. He spun on his heels, faced his accuser.

“Hey Annie.”

Brown pony-tail a comma behind her head. “Five-two. Could use that water now.” Bare left hand pointed to Rune’s left side, her gloved right hand retaining its hold on her foil.

He brushed past Rex, handed her the water bottle. Told himself to relax, she had just arrived, hadn’t heard his hasty explanation. No, no problem at all.

“Thanks.” She took the water bottle, drank quickly, then pointed its bottom past Rune. “What’s up with JanHar?”

“It’s just pizza, all right?” He felt the words coming out of him involuntarily. “She just asked me about going to the Pizza Place, so I told her yes. And that’s all that happened.”

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