Too Much 10

At the corner of his vision Rune saw Jane, as behind him he heard Annie begin her bout. For a long moment, his mind was a flooded engine, too overburdened with suprise and embarassment to allow him to think. 

“Hello?” Wanda’s exasperated question rebooted him to consciousness.

“Sorry. So, you think, does she still — ” Realizing his question would only make him look more foolish and indecisive, Rune stopped, excused himself, hustled over to where Jane was standing next to her strip. As if she knew he were coming, the athletic teen with short black hair twisted and smiled at Rune as he approached.

“You’ve returned.”

Rune pointed behind him. “Yeah. I was — getting water. For Annie.” His eyes widened. “On our team.”

“Oh, I know Annie.” For the first time that Rune could remember, he heard a chill in Jane’s voice. “Everybody at the Academy knows Annie, if only through her brother.” Sierra was a senior at the Academy.

Rune felt a shadow fall on him, knew by footfalls behind him that Rex was joining the conversation. Jane tilted her chin high, pointing it above Rune. “Rex tells me that you and Annie — ”

“He’s wrong.” Rune saw surprise blossom on Jane’s face, as he heard Rex grunt behind him. “I mean, he doesn’t know. I mean, he knows some things, but not everything. I mean, we haven’t — I mean, I haven’t told him — nobody knows the full story. Yet.”

Jane contorted her face, Rune unable to tell if she was smiling or frowning. “Well, assuming you know the full story, perhaps you should tell us.”

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