Too Much 9

Picking up the story from where I left off the other day. I’m also referencing a scene from an earlier story, The Academy.

Annie stood for her next bout, Rune rising as well and looking over at Rex’s strip. He took a step towards the other strip, then felt a hand on his shoulder.

“Hey.” Wanda’s cheeks red, stringy hair pasted to her scalp with sweat, her face exuberant. “You ever call Jane?”

Harris? Rune fought the instinct to search the gym for her. “Why?”

“You don’t remember?” Wanda looked amazed. “At the scrimmage, couple months ago?” The Academy had organized a scrimmage for the Bark Bay fencers before the start of the tournament season. “That talk with Jane and me before the DEs?”

Rune blinked, his mind quickly scanning his memories of that day, that conversation. Wanda standing in front of him, arms crossed. Jane on his right, her hand on his bicep. He remembered feeling uncomfortable, this girl he barely knew touching him like that, and then she started talking about pizza. Did he like the Pizza Place, she was going to be there, would he like to —

“Oh.” Rune suddenly looked like he had just seen a spider crawl across Wanda’s face. “She was — ” He paused, hoping Wanda wouldn’t make him complete his sentence.

“Yeah, she was.” Her face severe, like a frustrated motorist. “Really, all you needed to do was call.”

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