CWN 011: An Authentic Voice

The topic for today shifts to William Faulkner, a writer whose work I somehow managed to avoid almost entirely in my academic years (and the more Faulkner I read, the more I regret that avoidance). Like Joyce, Faulkner was known for strream of consciousness narrative, so I’ll give this technique another shot, using the character of Butch from my novel.

Oh, see it was practice, we weren’t started ‘cuz of Coach Dan he weren’t there yet, so you see we was just sitting on the floor, it was me and Rune and Annie, see. And I said, hey you wanna go buy comic book tonight, and Rune said — Oh! Right, see, I was asking Rune, so that’s why he says to me, he says I don’t read comics no more. But then Annie, she was there with us she’d been asking ’bout this girl in class, her name I think it was Ashley, I dunno. Oh, so Annie was asking ’bout whether we’d seen her or not, see, and Rune told her he didn’t and I didn’t know who she was, so Annie said she was worried see, and then we all didn’t say nothing for a little bit. That was when I asked Rune ’bout buying comics, see, we do that all the time so when he says he don’t read them no more, I’m like, oh. Then Annie, like I was saying, she says what’s wrong with comics, which was kinda strange ‘cuz of she never said nothing like that, least not at fencing practice. Rune told me they went to his house last week, him and Annie. So then I heart the door, it’s the one to the cafeteria, I heard it open and I’m thinking it’s Coach Dan but it’s not, it’s Rex, he’s on the team too, and I say Hey Rex — sorry. See, the thing is, as I got my back twisted around I hear Rune say People change, the things they used to like, some of them they don’t like after a while. And right when he finishes up, I turn around and look at him, and I sees him looking at me. And I say, oh.


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