CWN 007: “As Gregor Samsa Awoke . . . “

While I’m enjoying both the source and task for today’s assignment from The Creative Writer’s Notebook, it still leaves me a little unimpressed. Is there a less conventional creative writing assignment than to create a “killer first line”? Shouldn’t the opening line of Kafka’s “The Metamorphosis” be the inspiration for something a little more daring? But I’ll set my disappointment aside to revise the opening sentences of a story I drafted on this blog back in April, “Speaking in Tongues.”

The chilling fog left as quickly as it had arrived, leaving Claire shivering at the bus stop. The gray cloud had descended on her without warning on an otherwise clear and warm June morning; it swirled around her, penetrating her light clothing as if it were alive, trying to envelope her. She had clenched her arms close to her chest, grunted, considered running into the convenience store behind her for shelter — but then it was gone, the early summer sun returning with its warmth, just as her bus arrived.


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