Location Data: Midland, Hillcrest, and Wolford high schools

Few public schools in Bark Bay’s region have fencing programs. The three schools with which the Bark Bay team competes most frequently are Midland, Hillcrest, and Wolford.

Midland is a large school (graduation classes of over 300) located in the center of the city. The school has had a fencing team nearly as long as the private school Academy, and for decades the two were fierce and even rivals. However, lack of student interest and budgetary constraints have taken a toll on the program, which has not placed a finalist at the state championships in over a decade. Midland’s coach, Pat Williams (a former epee champion at the Academy) now coaches as a volunteer after years of being paid, and makes no attempt to hide his bitterness and cynicism over the decline of his team and their sport.

Hillcrest is a suburban school just outside the city limits. The school had a volunteer fencing coach for several years before losing him to a private school in California last year. The remaining fencers who decided to stick with the sport now manage the team, and have approach Coach Pat at Midland (their arch rivals in all other sports) for coaching.

Wolford, like Bark Bay, is a rural school an hour from the city. Located reasonably close to the State university, Wolford students interested in fencing (the school has never had a fencing program) train with the State team.


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