Location Data: Bark Bay High School

The current building, the third high school in the town’s history, opened thirty years ago at the end of the last boom economic period in Bark Bay. A state-of-the-art facility when built, Bark Bay High School has fallen behind over the decades due to lack of capital improvements.

The building is located outside the downtown, bayside commercial district of town. A large hill overlooks the southern bank of the East River, and the school sits on top of that hill. School administrative offices are located at the front center of the building; two wings, each containing two stories, extend from the gymnasium at the very center. The cafeteria is located at the end of the southern wing.

At its opening, the school had graduating classes of close to 150. That number stayed consistent for over twenty years, but has noticeably declined over the last decade (118 students graduated last year) even as the town’s population has remained constant.


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