Character Data: Cyrus and Faith Goodman

Height: 5′ 5″ (Cyrus), 5′ 8″ (Faith)

Weight: 160 lbs. (Cyrus), 135 lbs. (Faith)

Build: Cyrus’ fair hair and perfect smile look almost out of place on his sturdy frame. Faith appears slender and graceful, but in fact is actually quite clumsy.

Age: Cyrus is 49, Faith 47

Career Summary: The Goodmans met while Cyrus was a seminary student and Faith attended a local high school. They married before he was ordained, and their first child was born ten months later. They moved extensively for several years, finally settling in Bark Bay when Cyrus became minister of the town’s Baptist church; 

Family: Butch, the last of the eight Goodman children, was born a year after the move to Bark Bay. The Goodman family scrapes by on their father’s income; Faith volunteers with several church-affiliated charities.

Tag Phrases: Hallelujah! (Cyrus); Why (Faith)


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