Character Data: Janet Wernick

Height: 5′ 6″

Weight: 160 lbs.

Build: Always slightly overweight but always rugged, Janet has stopped trying to keep her figure slim as her prospects for an acting career outside have diminished

Age: Janet refuses to reveal her age

Career Summary: After graduating from high school in upstate New York, Janet moved to Hollywood to puruse a career in acting. She found barely enough work to survive, and left after the birth of her daughter. Settling in Bark Bay with her mother and daughter, Janet continued living hand-to-mouth for several years until finally landing the role of Save-Anna, an outrageous character in commercials for the local Stop and Save grocery store chain. Although slightly embarrassed by Save-Anna, Janet is relieved at being able to pay her family’s bills through the character.

Family: Like her daughter, Janet is an only child raised by her mother (having divorced her father when Janet was six). A few years after moving to Hollywood, Janet met an agent who promised her both a career and a family; when it became clear he could not deliver on the former, Janet also realized he had no real intention to provide the later, and decided to leave him when her daughter was born. Janet refuses to name or provide any other information about him to her daughter.

Tag Phrase: Nice!


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