Character Data: Agnes Svenson

Height: 5′ 8″

Weight: 110 lbs.

Build: Frail and emaciated, Agnes has been plagued with fibromyalgia for the last five years, her disease leaving her bedridden most days, especially in winter. Hair which was once golden and flowing is now gray and disheveled, like an olf mop.

Age: 51

Career Summary: Agnes has never had a wage-paying job, and has no discernible skills that would be attractive to most employers

Family: The third of four children from a Scandanavian family in Minnesota, Agnes ran away at 16 with Neb Rainchild; they settled in Bark Bay, but never married. Violent and abusive, Neb abandoned the family and disappeared after the youngest of four children was born. Agnes’ disease, a mystery to her doctors, soon began to afflict her. Due to her disability, her family lives off public assistance in a dilapidated trailer in an unincorporated area outside of Bark Bay; the state’s Family Services department has often threatened to relocate her children into foster homes.

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