Character Data: Paul and Jenna Banks

Height: 5′ 4″ (Paul), 5′ 7″ (Jenna)

Weight: 185 lbs (Paul), 135 lbs (Jenna)

Build: Never an active man, Paul has totally abandoned any interest in his weight or general health. Jenna maintains her slim figure through a rigorous program of diet and exercise, which she to her frustration cannot get anyone in her family to follow.

Age: 46 (Paul), 45 (Jenna)

Career Summary: They met as undergraduates in Chicago. Paul was a history major with a facility for numbers, and after graduation was hired by the accounting firm run by Jenna’s father. Jenna was an English major who eventually obtained her doctorate and was hired by the State university outside the city. Upon moving to Bark Bay (where Paul had grown up), Paul was hired by a small accounting firm in town.

Family: The Banks family has three children. Paul has an older sister who works as a graphic designer in the city, and Jenna has two brothers who live in Chicago.

Tag Phrases: Doubt it (Paul), Indeed (Jenna)


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