Character Data: Carl and Laura Hutchinson

Height: Carl is 5′ 10″, Laura is 5′ 7″

Weight: Carl is 165 lbs., Laura 140 lbs.

Build: Carl is gaunt and dignified, with a head of prematurely gray hair that somehow doesn’t make him look old. Laura is hefty but not fat, with long flowing blonde hair.

Age: Carl is 47, Laura 42, and have been married 21 years; they met as students at State, and were married at the end of Laura’s senior year.

Career Summary: Carl inherited the family’s exporting business at 35, after working every job available in that business after college; he has recently announced his candidacy for the state senate election the coming spring. Laura works part-time in her brothers’ real estate agency, and is managing her husband’s political campaign.

Family: Their son Sierra is a senior at the Academy, the elite private school that Carl also attended. Their daughter Annie is a sophomore at Bark Bay High School (although the Academy has been a co-educational institution for nearly a century, only male Hutchinsons have ever attended the school). Carl’s older brother drowned during a boating accident fifteen years ago; his younger sister works in the Peace Corps and is effectively estranged from the family. Laura has twin brothers three years younger than she, and have recently taken over the family’s real estate business.

Tag Phrases: Certainly (Carl); Dear (Laura)


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