Character Data: Myles

Full Name: Myles Glosurrio

Height: 6′ 2″

Weight: 160 lbs.

Build: With a lean and powerful physique topped with an expertly groomed crop of blonde hair, Myles has a body that seems more like it was chiseled out of marble than born of flesh and blood.

Academic Year: Myles graduated the previous spring from Bark Bay, and is currently a freshman at State.

Fencing Experience: Myles took up fencing during his sophomore year, and quickly discovered the sport filled a need for individual achievement he couldn’t fulfill in any of the traditional team sports in which he excelled. He finished second in epee at the high school state tournament his senior year. However, he’s chosen not to join the fencing team at State.

Family: His father is an executive at a regional bank, with a personal wealth only exceeded in the area by Carl Hutchinson. His mother is a retired grammar school teacher. Myles has no siblings.

Tag Phrase: No way

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