Character Data: Zeph

Full Name: Zephaniah Gullickson

Height: 5′ 7″

Weight: 120 lbs.

Build: Nearly as tall and thin as Rex, Zeph’s face is disproportionately round and fat; his shoulders are also very narrow, his entire upper body giving the impression that he has been squeezed by a giant hand. His hair is bleached yellow, nearly white, and is worn at shoulder-length.

Academic Year: Freshman

Fencing Experience: None. He attends a handful of practices in October, but none since the start of November. During practice he seems at ease with Rune and Rex, but made no effort to engage with any other member of the team.

Family: Zeph is the middle of three children; his older sister fenced with the Bark Bay team occasionally and graduated the previous spring, while his younger brother is still in grammar school. Zeph’s father is a carpenter, his mother an office manager at city hall.

Tag Phrase: Like (as in Like, I was in class one day, and like, this guy, he was like . . .)


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