Character Data: Coy

Full Name: Coy Morgan

Height: 5′ 5″

Weight: 140 lbs.

Build: Nondescript in every observable physical characteristic, Coy also conveys a calm yet outgoing demeanor at all times. His steady personality provides a sharp contrast to that of his sister, Mickey. His hair is short, straight, and brown.

Academic Year: Freshman

Fencing Experience: Like Little Paul, Coy began fencing with the Bark Bay team while still in junior high. Coy only fences saber, which is not coincidentally the only weapon that Mickey does not practice. Coy attends fencing practice only occasionally during the fall.

Family: Unlike his sisters, Coy has no memories of his father, who died shortly after his birth. Coy is also more accepting of his twin step-brothers than either of his siblings.

Tag Phrase: Absolutely!

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