Character Data: Little Paul

Full Name: Paulinus Genesee

Height: 5′ 3″

Weight: 135 lbs.

Build: Pipe-cleaner thin arms and legs seem out of place on his pot-bellied torso; “Spider” is another nickname assigned to him. His brown hair is even longer than Annie’s, and hangs loosely down his back and shoulders.

Academic Year: Freshman

Fencing Experience: Minimal. Little Paul attended a few team practices at the end of last year, when he was in the eighth grade, but did not actually pick up any weapon. Quiet but inquisitive, he develops an uneasy friendship with The Bird — they sit together at the edges of fencing team practice and talk about the team, school, and their families, but each is visibly disturbed by the other’s quietness. Little Paul is an avid cartoonist, and is better at drawing the action of a fencing bout than he is at describing it.

Family: Both parents manage a motel that is bustling in the summer tourist season and nearly vacant over the winter. He had an older brother who died while serving in the military several years ago.

Tag Phrase: I see


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