Character Data: Big Paul

Full Name: Paul Ketterling

Height: 5′ 7″

Weight: 170 lbs.

Build: Burly and clumsy, Big Paul is an imposing figure, especially when he fences. He tries to use his size and strength to overwhelm his opponents, yet is often defeated by his lack of speed and coordination.

Academic Year: Junior

Fencing Experience: Big Paul joined the Bark Bay High School fencing team toward the end of his freshman year, inspired by his friend and football teammate Myles. He had some success at the start of the previous year, but as “the book” on how to defeat him spread among the high school fencing community, he became frustrated. He now attends about half of the team’s practices in the fall, and has expressed no interest in competing in any tournaments.

Family: Paul’s father is the former football coach and athletic director at Bark Bay; the school fired him five years ago for his involvement with a prized student’s collegiate athletic scholarship, and now works as a retail manager. His mother works at a bakery. He has an older sister, a freshman at an Ivy League college.

Tag Phrase: C’mon!


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