Character Data: OK

Full Name: Aurora O’Kelly

Height: 5′ 4″

Weight: 120 lbs.

Build: OK’s brilliant, long and wavy red hair is the perfect complement to her energetic personality. She is always smiling, even on the rare occassions when she is evidently upset or angry. 

Academic Year: Sophomore

Fencing Experience: Limited. OK showed up at the Bark Bay High School fencing team’s first practice her freshman year, but has only been at practice sporadically since. She only fences foil, and has not competed in or even attended any tournament. Since her energy is appreciated by Coach Dan and every member of the team, her occassional appearances are always met with joy. 

Family: Her father is a well-respected plumber in town, and her mother is a real-estate agent who works frequently with Annie’s uncles. She has two sisters, two and three years younger.

Tag Phrase: OK (as much responsible for her nickname as her last name)

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