Character Data: Double-J

Full Name: John Johnson

Height: 5′ 1″

Weight: 155 lbs.

Build: Short and powerful, Double-J also possesses remarkable reflex speed. His thin black hair hangs over his head in a perpetually uncombed mess. His moustache is similarly thin and unkempt.

Academic Year: Senior

Fencing Experience: Double-J has been with the Bark Bay High School fencing team since the end of his freshman year. Soon after joining the team he took up saber, which is now his only competition weapon. He rarely attends practices with the team, ostensibly because nobody else competes in saber.

Family: His father is a career military officer who rarely spends time in Bark Bay. His mother is an attorney in the city; the parents divorced when Double-J was five. Since that time, Double-J has lived with Lefty, a friend of his father’s and the owner of a garage where Double-J has worked since he was eleven. While Double-J is happy living with and working for Lefty, he resents how both his parents have treated him. 

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