Character Data: Annie

Full Name: Anna Hutchinson

Height: 5′ 6″

Weight: 135 lbs.

Build: lean and athletic; her long brown hair is perpetually tied in a pony-tail that swishes behind her head with an energy that makes it seem almost alive.

Academic Year: Sophomore

Fencing Experience: Annie has only been fencing for a year, but in that time has learned to use her extensive background in dance and gymnastics to her advantage. She’s fond of saying, “You fence with your feet.”

Family: The Hutchinsons are the weathiest family in Bark Bay. Her father, Carl, comes from a long line of successful businessmen, and is running for the state legislature, the first political campaign in the familly’s history. Her mother, Laura, is a former real-estate agent from a middle-class family. Annie has a brother, Sierra,  a senior at the Academy, an elite private school an hour away from the Hutchinson’s home.

Tag phase: Really (used in multiple ways — a question, phatic statement, adverb etc.)

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