Character Data: Rex

[Last week’s experiment, in which I wrote in response to another blogger’s post, was a lot of both fun and work, and one I hope to revisit from time to time. But I feel an urge now to resume work on the novel, and specifically to fleshing out my main characters.]

Full Name: Regis Ankiel

Height: 6′ 2″

Weight: 140 lbs.

Build: Tall and alarmingly thin; tight skin seems to barely stretch across his bones.

Academic Year: Junior

Fencing Experience: Three years, all with the Bark Bay team; no outside coaching

Weapons: Epee, foil

Family: His mother, Agnes, is from a Scandanavian family in Minnesota; she is currently disabled and only rarely leaves home. His father, Neb, abandoned the family and disappeared after the youngest of Rex’s two sisters was born; he was a construction worker of Scottish and Native American descent, and very violent and abusive. His sisters are Regina (11) and Renee (6). Due to his mother’s disability, the family lives off public assistance in a dilapidated trailer in an unincorporated area outside of Bark Bay; the state’s Family Services department has often threatened to relocate Rex and his sisters into foster homes.

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