Clybourne Station

[Elan Mudrow‘s neat little poem about the banality of common knowledge inspired me to revise something I wrote for a college newspaper back in my academic years.]

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NEWS Sanctions threatened as Iran balks at nuclear inspection program

SPORTS Yankees win, complete sweep of Blue Jays

Chas Murston — for the Discriminating Man, and the Women Who Love Them

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SCIENCE Study: Poor diet may lead to stress, depression

WEATHER Sunny, 30% chance of thunderstorms this evening. High 85, low 66.

If you ask me, a Barstoke would feel good right about now!

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SPORTS Cubs trade Johnson to Pirates for minor leaguer, cash

POLITICS Trump outlines foreign policy: “United Nations, you’re fired!”

Magnificant Margarine — So Smooth, So Right!

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NEWS City council rejects mayor’s budget, teachers union vows strike

SPORTS Owner may move franchise if new stadium not built

Chas Murston — for the Discriminating Man, and the Women Who Love Them

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Discriminating Yankees and the Barstokes Who Own Them to inspect new stadium

Donald Trump has been traded to Iran

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2 thoughts on “Clybourne Station

  1. BWAHAHAHA the second to last line KILLED me. Your concise writing seriously hit the reason why I don’t watch the news anymore. It’s freaking chaotic. I’d prefer to read it and skip most of the nonsense. Awesome stuff!

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