The Now

[The Literary Man has some interesting comments on the search for a good belly laugh while attempting to life an authentic life, with an appreciation for an artist both overexposed and underappreciated. Leading to this character study for Double-J.]

You ask where I see myself in ten years. No that’s not what you said, but I hear that question every time you warn met to get my degree, or comment on my crappy job down at Lefty’s shop. Your disdain is evident in your unwanted concern. But you’re not gonna go away until I give you something, so here you go.

Decade in the future, I really don’t care where I’ll be, what I’ll be doing. All I care about is living in the moment. The same way I fence now is the same way I want to live — don’t go in with some kind of stupid plan like Daniel’s always blabbing about, go low-line this time, or threaten four and disengage six, no parry-ripsote. That kinda thinking only gets you in trouble, why Rex will never get his E, ‘cuz any strategy only works if your opponent does what you want. He binds you in six, your nice little plan’s ruined, then what the hell you gonna do. Can’t know what to do on strip until you see what your opponent’s actually doing — how aggressive is he? how long’s his lunge? how does he defend his four? Even if it’s someone you faced before, you don’t know what he’s been working on, can’t rely on what you did in the past. Everything in fencing is in the present.

And ten years out, that’s how I wanna be living. In whatever the here and now will be, there and whenever. Don’t have any idea what’s going to come at me, but whatever does come, I’m gonna meet it head-on, and take it down like I do on strip.


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