Borrow Me

[A neat little piece from The Gad About Town inspires my revisit to the idiosyncratic idium of one of my novel’s characters]”

“Could you borrow me that book?”

Annie snapped her head around at Butch’s question. “Lend.” She pointed at Rune. “Could he lend you his book.”

“Yeah.” Butch looked back at her in confusion. “I want to borrow his book.”

“But the word is lend.” Annie slapped her hip. “When you give something to someone, you lend it. But when someone gives you something, you borrow it from them.” She looked back towards Rune, was dismayed to see him leaving, approaching Coach Dan with a question. “Lend means you give something, borrow means you take it.”

“Oh!” Butch looked up at the ceiling. “But the thing is, if I say I want someone to borrow me something, it’s like I’m saying hey this is my idea. And if I say I want to loan something to somebody, that’s my idea too. So it’s like, the person who originates the thought, he should be the one who determines what word you use. You see what I mean?”

Annie looked like she couldn’t decide whether to laugh or cry. Coach Dan’s voice called to them, breaking the awkward silence, and the two returned to practice.


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