A New Challenge

I started “The Log” to develop Jimmy, a supporting character who’s emerged from the background as I’ve drafted the novel. Fairly pleased with how it came out.

What I’m not pleased with, at all, is my continued failure to read and comment on other blogs. So to force myself to work on this responsibility, I’ve come up with a new challenge — starting tomorrow and continuing for at least a week, each of my daily posts will be a response to another blogger’s work.

Not sure what I’m getting into here — but then again, that’s what makes this job so much goddam fun!


One thought on “A New Challenge

  1. Funny that you mentioned not keeping up with other blogs today…I was just thinking about how I can’t keep up and still can’t grasp The Reader. I was thinking about writing a brief post to ask others if they have a better method/app/RSS feed type of approach that is better than The Reader option. Cheers!

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