Learned some valuable lessons from the Blogging 101 course that just completed:

  • With blogging, you reap what you sow. In other words, the satisfaction you get from blogging is a direct result of the effort you put into it. If all you want to do is post whatever strikes your fancy, whenever the spirit moves you — sure you’ll have a blog, but it will after a while seem little more to you than an online diary, and probably attract as much attention. These past few weeks, as I’ve focused less on content and worked more on my blog’s links, appearance, and motivations, I’ve seen this blog evolve into something I would have barely recognized when I started. When you plant a seed, you pretty much know what’s coming out of the ground — but if you nurture that seed properly, the harvest you enjoy can exceed your expectations.


  • I’m not doing my job as a blogger if I’m not reading and commenting on other blogs. During the past few weeks I’ve discovered a number of fascinating writers and poets, and commenting on their fine work has given me insights into my own writing. To be effective, a blog must be more than just a one-way medium of communication, a soapbox for the blogger’s agenda; by offering advice and support to other bloggers, and by cultivating feedback on their own work, bloggers discover more about their world as well as themselves. Living this lesson will be a difficult task for me — solipsism is one of my bad habits. But communicating with other bloggers is an absolute requirement for developing my own blog.


  • Blogging is hard work. One of the first tasks of Blogging 101 was to consider my blog’s title and tagline, which lead me to change both. The Diligent Dilettante expresses what I’m trying to accomplish in this blog — yes I’m having fun, but I’m trying to accomplish something other than simply amusing myself. I want my blog to be a place where people can find satisfaction and inspiration. Getting my blog to perform those tasks won’t be easy, and it’s not going to happen unless I take the task of blogging more seriously than I have to date. But I know I’m going to enjoy all the hard work that comes with this dedication.

In conclusion, I’d like to thank the good folks at The Daily Post for putting together a great curriculum for Blogging 101. They have provided an invaluable service to the blogging community, and if any of my readers is considering the course, I encourage you not to hesitate.

3 thoughts on “Lessons

  1. Thank you. Your posting ;above was both interesting and inspiring to read. I’m glad I will be able to view ongoing postings. I too am grateful for the Blogging experience. I’m hoping to evolve and expand and surely find out more about other folks.My blog site is meant to be a daily hello with short insights. I have not thought of purpose. I do however have a website where much, so much more is expressed. Cheers!

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