With Protection

This is the initial entry for the new 2wenty-thr3 feature of my blog, in which I choose, using the number 23 as my sole selection criterion, two words from a text, and then use that pair in a blog post. Today’s source text is inspired by an upcoming holiday in my home country; counting 23 words from the top and 23 from the bottom (signatures don’t count!), I have a title. Now for the hard part.

“I’m not sending you out there alone.” The captain waved his arm in the direction of the company, the nearly dozen men and women huddled around the trash can fire. “Need to keep Kelsey here, have her work on the radio. Simonson, he’d be OK, or Crawford . . . I could send you with Tad — ”

“How about sending me with protection this time?” Lieutenant Michaelson pointed to the hulking figure of Geoff, standing by himself in the shadows around the fire’s perimeter.


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