Better Responses

Today’s Blogging 101 assignment is to read six or more other responses to yesterday’s Daily Post prompt, Toy Story, and comment on at least two of them. I’ll say it again — I like this type of assignment, because it urges me to develop a habit I have been all but ignoring.

[A short aside before continuing: several of the prompt responses posted by The Daily Post were dated 9/12/2013. Recycling prompts and inflating your response numbers? Tsk tsk.]

The assignment has turned my attention towards two interesting blogs that I am now following:

  • Sam Tayag, author of Art and Adventures of a Backpacking Plein Air Painter,  who “writes about the intersection of the wilderness, painting, and illness with honesty and her (sometimes irreverent) sense of humor.” If this were a contest I’d give the award to her response, which focused not on the objects of her childhood, but rather her experiences, such as her trip to Yosemite with her mother:

We drove those winding, mountain roads in the middle of the night, just because we could, just because we were curious, just because the moon was bright and the world around us was breathtaking and we weren’t done exploring yet.

  •  The best verse response came from Unbolt, a Russian Ukranian poet with the “impudence to write in English.” Her poem, a Doll, has some subtle yet powerful imagery:

The stars shimmer like transparent glaze.
The red sun sinks in the sea.
The blue moon changes a regular phase.
Life’s carousel spins… not with me.

UPDATE: I erred in reporting Unbolt’s nationality, and have made the necessary correction. I see a Cyrllic font, and make a hasty assumption — thanks for the correction and for being cool about it, Unbolt!

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