One of the more perplexing aspects of my blogging experience has been the management of my Gravatar. I’d chosen a photo several years ago which seemed harmless (small file size, unprovocative image), and didn’t receive any warning when adding it about potential problems.

Problem was, I never saw the Gravatar I’d chosen. My WordPress Dashboard still showed the generic gray and white silhouette, and the image that appeared next to my comments was a purple and white blob. Thinking there was some problem with the photo I’d chosen, I uploaded different photos, but the result was the same — I only saw my Gravatar on my profile page.

Thankfully, Blogging 101 once again provided the answer (and if you’re thinking of enrolling in the next class, I cannot recommend it with more enthusiasm). Turns out I hadn’t been paying full attention when managing my profile — each Gravatar has a rating, similar to those issued by the MPAA for movies, and my Gravatar had a PG rating, which must have been the default when I’d created it. Changed the rating to G, and now I see my Gravatar image where it should be.

One mystery solved. Now’s the time to figure out why the Get Shortlink button doesn’t work in Windows 8 . . .

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