[Glad I didn’t peek at future Blogging 101 assignments before posting my comments yesterday, because it makes today’s assignment — write a post inspired by one of those comments — all the more interesting. Going to take this opportunity to write a short scene for the novel I’m drafting on my blog, a scene focused on a character whose voice is partly inspired by one of my favorite poets and bloggers, Maggie Mae.]

“Can I make an observation?” Rex levered his thin arm up to his head, the elbow pivoting at the level of The Bird’s head. The petite teen could not prevent herself from smiling, then told her tall friend that she believed he already had.

Rex bit his upper lip. “You’ve been sitting here the entire time.” He pointed away from the equipment sacks that surrounded The Bird, out toward the center of the cafeteria floor where the other members of the Bark Bay High School fencing club continued their practice. “Don’t you want to fence?” Sneakered feet slapped on white tile as Annie thrust her body forward, right arm propelling the weapon in her hand until its tip landed on Rune’s chest.

The Bird looked up at Rex, and told him there were other things she wanted to do. Seeing his confusion, she waved past Rex, where Coach Dan officiated the bout between his students. Listen to the sounds, she said, metal clashing against metal, the way Annie grunts and Rune yelps. And the colors, she said.

“What colors?” Rex looked around the large room quickly. “You fond of gray?”

The Bird told him the colors weren’t in the uniforms, not in the walls or the floor. It was the green of Coach Dan’s track pants, Butch’s yellow high-tops, the auburn highlights in Annie’s brown ponytail. The corners of Rune’s blue shirt showing under his jacket. She told him there were countless sounds that could be heard, so many things to see, that could be felt or smelled or tasted.

“You don’t need to come here for all that.”

The Bird started to nod, then flinched, shook her head. And said there was something about being here, at practice, that sharpened her awareness.


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