Blogging 101 suggests spending a day to consider using a different theme to change the appearance of my blog. Changing my theme is actually something I already do a couple times a year, and as it’s been a while since my last change, today’s assignment comes at a good time.

Adaption2I had chosen my current theme, Adaption, because it was very text-centric, while still providing room on both the right and left margins for my menus and widgets. I also liked the little accent panels of color on the left, above and below the blog title.


scrawl2In searching through themes (all the free ones, of course), I decided against those which did not readily accommodate menus and widgets. I don’t want my blog to look like one of my college essays! Scrawl is an example of a theme which I definitely don’t want to use.

An appealing option is Kelly, which combines a splash of color and a distinctive title font to create an impressive header. I also like the menu bar under the title. But the options for adding widgets were not appealing.kelly2

The theme I chose, Reddle, is the one you’re viewing as of today. I like the eclectic location of the date, and the abundant space for menus and widgets on the left. I’ll look into modifying this theme to add a splash of accent color, but for now my blog has a new look that pleases me.

2 thoughts on “Themes

  1. Playing with Themes was difficult because of the unintended consequences. There were tubs I had to reset and the picture I wanted as header didn’t with with the theme I chose. Of course, the theme changes the look on phone is different then computer.

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