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I was very pleased to receive today’s assignment for Blogging 101, as it forces me to address a weakness — I don’t spend enough time reading other blogs. Communication is by definition a symmetrical process; the act of speaking, writing, or signing presumes the communicator has listened, read, or seen how one communicates. OK, that’s a little abstract, but the point I’m making is one that’s been proven extensively in the blogging community: to write an effective blog, you need to read other blogs.

For today’s assignment (identify five blogs or Reader topics to follow), I decidedd to search for blogs on the sport of fencing, since the primary project for my blog is to draft a novel about the sport. I immediately confirmed a suspicion I had at the outset — merely entering the word fencing in a search engine is a great way to find blogs about picket fences, fencing contractors, how to critter-proof your garden with a fence . . . you get the idea. (Fortunately, no results for selling stolen goods. Friend of mine, responds to every Facebook post on my tournament results, asking how much money I made on my neighbor’s TV. Yeah, the guy’s a real hoot.) Rather than refining my search, I decided to wade through the lawn and garden pages, and found five blogs of interest — not all of them, as you’ll see, directly related to the sport:

Whuddup Hungary — a travel blog for Steph *waves*, a foil fencer from New Zealand. She competes extensively in Europe, and guessing by the blog’s title did well in a Budapest tournament at some point.

K. Dao Photography — a photography blog which posted a very interesting article recently on the challenge of fencing photography. This could provide insight into the challenges I face describing the action of a fencing bout.

Grauenwolf’s Study of Western Martial Arts — this one looks like a lot of fun; many articles on the history and technique of combat sports such as fencing.

The HEMA Blog — a wealth of information on fencing and other HEMA (Historical European Martial Arts) sports, and worth following simply for its tag line: “Hitting people with metal sticks since 2014”.

Following Feet — another blog with a unique focus: feet. A recent article on fencing footwork reminded me of a line I’ve associated with one of my novel’s central characters — “You fence with your feet.”

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