Why I Blog

[The Day One assignment for Blogging 101 — “write and publish a ‘who I am and why I’m here’ post on your blog.”]

When I started blogging several years ago, I created an About Keigh Ahr page that contains relevant biographical details, such as why I have such a goofy blog name. One topic I don’t address on that page is why I chose blogging over other means of communication. What is it about blogging that has motivated me to post daily for over three years?

The answer actually has its origin in the writing I was doing before I decided to blog. I’ve kept a journal for over three decades, and during that time have also composed numerous essays and short stories. I’ve always enjoyed the work, and make no mistake that writing is work, the only work I’ve ever wanted to do. But with very few publications to my name and little feedback from editors or readers, my experience as a writer was not fulfilling. I was writing, sure, but I wasn’t communicating — I had little proof to demonstrate that what I was doing was little more than a hobby.

The act of blogging, I’ve found, helps fufill some of the need I was feeling. Knowing that as soon as I hit the Publish button, I’ve sent my words out for anybody to read — knowing my blog actually has followers, an audience who will even on occassion comment on my work — knowing, that to a limited but very real extent, I am interacting with readers — that knowledge affects what I write to a degree that I simply can’t replicate through journaling or drafting for an unknown editor. Always the most critical about my writing, I’ve become more satisfied (perhaps less dissatisfied is more appropriate) with my work since I’ve started blogging, and that improvement is partly the result of a sense of responsibility and commitment I’ve developed for my followers.

Blogging isn’t the same as publishing, but neither is it the same as journaling or drafting. As a blogger, I communicate with the world around me, and that interaction invigorates me in a way that is highly pleasing.

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