Like 5

Sunlight deflected off Marcellus’ wire-frame shades, the late afternoon light seeming to amplify on impact as if grateful that its interstellar journey had ended with such brilliant splendor. Midge squinted involuntarily at the approach of his broad smile.

“Cellar Dweller!” She wondered if Tosh could be so oblivious to not rwalize how annoying his nicknames could be.

“Midge!” At the sound of her name, the young software developer suddenly found her hand brushing her hair back.

“Glad you made it!” She could not see his eyes behind the shades. “I was just about to go out on a canoe. Join me?”

“Sure.” She followed him down a dirt path covered loosely with pine needles and gravel, and had almost reached the shore of the lake before realizing they had left Tosh behind them.


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