Like 3

[The prompt response for The Daily Post continues]

Wanna grab some walleye this weekend? Midge hissed in frustration, began pressing keys on her phone like she was submitting a tax payment two minutes before it was due. But stopped when she read Tosh’s follow-up message.

Marcellus is coming.

Was this real? Would Marcellus, the tall and immaculate paralegal, really be coming up to Tosh’s cabin this weekend? Marcellus, one of the few people at the office who not only understood but actually enjoyed her sense of humor? Who had confided his ambitions to her at happy hour last Friday?

Midge was about to send her message when she realized she hadn’t remembered what she’d entered.

Sounds great! Midge considered whether the prospect of spending a weekend alone (mostly) with Marcellus was worth compromising her integrity.

But only for a moment. And when she received Tosh’s enthusiastic acknowledgement a moment later, all fleeting concerns about her integrity had vanished.


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