[Today’s topic from The Daily Post — online privacy. Suddenly inspired to start another short work of fiction.]

“I didn’t know you liked fishing.” Claudio retrieved his brown ceramic mug as the Keurig machine spat in completion. The sudden statement woke Midge from her somnambulant journey into the break room.

“Fishing?” An accusation as much as a question.

“Yeah, fishing.” The manager of The Jourdain Group’s audit department poured powdered creamer into his mug. “Read it last night, on your profile. Streams or lakes?”

Jourdain’s youngest software developer took only an instant to piece together the context of his question. “Neither. I’ve never gone fishing in my life!”

“Huh.” Claudio sipped from his mug. “Not according to your profile.” The large man then walked out of the break room, more amused than concerned with Midge’s confusion.


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