Green Valley Lane 1G

Car I cut off (a Toyota, looks like a Camry, I’m somehow able to see that its light green) is now on my tail, trying to keep up with me, probably pissed at me for what I did back there. I see the boxy import’s headlights behind the Camry, and as we continue along the county road those lights grow smaller and smaller. I’m fifteen to twenty over, Camry’s keeping up to prove some kind of point, but the boxy car that’s been following me ever since I got off the highway — don’t even see his headlights anymore. Must have surrendered.

Slow down as the Pinecrest subdivision comes up on the left. Get down to limit, then Camry passes me. Think I see the driver flip me off as he speeds ahead. You got a point buddy, I acted like an asshole back there. Don’t know why that guy following bothered me so much, come to think of it I’m not really sure he was following me. Typically you don’t want to let the person you’re following know what you’re up to, but this guy couldn’t have been more obvious if he’d had a flashing sign on his hood, with backwards letters like on an ambulance so you could see it in your rearview. TAKE IT EASY UP THERE I’M TRYING TO KEEP UP. No way he could’ve been following me, actions didn’t make any sense, but threatening? Guy was harmless.

Pleasant Hill subdivision coming up on the left. Turn in, two rights and a left, then I’m on back Green Valley Lane. Entry road has a new sign on the right, PHASE 2 NOW OPEN! Pull up to the stop sign, flick my turn signal up. They’re extending Butternut for Phase 2, construction will tear up the street but at least they’ll stay off Green Valley —

Slam on the brakes. In the rearview, catch the twin lights of the boxy import, pulling into the Pleasant Hill subdivision behind me.


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