Green Valley Lane 1F

Don’t try to wave him forward, or wave a polite response. Step on the accelerator like I’m squishing one of the damn spiders I keep seeing in my new house on Green Valley Lane, blow past the intersection, can feel the car’s tires digging into the packed snow and spitting behind me as I charge toward the county road.

Why the HELL this guy keeps following me, I don’t care anymore. Just want to put as much distance between him and me as I can. Either he’s some kind of lunatic or there’s some grudge he holds against me. County road finally in sight. Have I pissed off anyone who owns a boxy import lately? I piss off a lot of people, it’s how I role. But not enough to have someone hunt me down like this. Where’s the cops when I need them? Don’t even know where the police station is. One of those details I didn’t think about when I moved out here. There were a lot of things I didn’t think about because all I cared about was getting away from —

Sheila? No, I’d recognize the shape of her head. Said she wasn’t seeing anyone, she probably would’ve told me if she was, get that dig in, only thing she’d lie about was the length of his penis. Headlights catch the red of the stop sign. Why the hell would she send someone after me, she’s selfish but not stupid, wouldn’t want to lose what’s coming to her.

Glance at the rearview — yup, he’s right behind me. Look ahead, see headlights coming up the county road off the left. Finally, some traffic. Witnesses. I’ll get to the stop sign first, really should let him go first but not now.

Barely slow for the stop sign, cut just in front of the car that’s coming, has to slam on its brakes and the horn starts blaring, its like I can hear the driver cursing in my head. But a glance at the rearview shows the job’s been done — the creep who’s following me pulls behind the car I just cut off.


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