Green Valley Lane 1A

[Time to get back to my regular routine, with a story that just came to me a few months ago]

Really? Minor accident on the OTHER side of the highway, and everyone going OUR direction has to slow down and look? Just a few people exchanging insurance cards, HELLO, nothing to see here folks! Flashing blue lights in the other direction don’t mean we have to slow down for the cops! Bad enough I had to work late tonight, but at least it usually means avoiding traffic, shorter drive home. Not tonight, though, because everyone just HAS to see the balding guy in the gray jacket give his little white slip of paper to the gal with the beehive on her head. Guess watching THAT is more important than getting wherever these losers ahead of me are going.

Finally pass the melodrama off to the left, now we’re finally moving. Forbridge Road exit in two miles — should be able to get through downtown pretty quickly, unless of course there’s ANOTHER accident. Fifteen minutes, should pull into the subdivision (they’re supposed to put up the signs soon, yeah it’s winter but the plan was to finish the signage in the fall), then a right followed by two lefts and I’ll finally be cruising down Green Valley Lane, pulling in to my cozy little home, only one built yet. There’s three, four other lots purchased, but ground’s too frozen to pour the foundations.

Forbridge Road. They really need to add a second lane on the ramp, no big deal this late in the evening but they open that mall off to the left in a few months, getting all that traffic down here wil be like trying to shove my ex-wife’s breats into a B-cup. Not going to happen without pain.

Nobody coming in either direction on Forbridge, but there’s this guy behind me. Ugly car, one of those imports, looks like you’re driving a damn shoebox. Oh, you’re turning right too? Alright buddy, follow me to downtown. See if I care.


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