A Touchy Subject

[A fun challenge today from The Daily Post — write the back-cover summary of my novel. Let’s see if I have a future in advertising . . . ]

Fencing is a minor sport at Bark Bay High School, but for its team members, the sport is a metaphor for life. Coached by a volunteer teacher with a gigantic heart and a miniscule budget, the team features a hot-tempered but talented saberist, an athletic prodigy from a wealthy and ambitious family, a lanky epeeist burdened by poverty, an energetic dreamer with more enthusiasm than talent, a brooding loner who can’t articulate her attraction to the sport, and a preacher’s son awakening to the outside world.

Always short of team members and resources . . . perpetually overmatched against fencing teams from schools with superior talent, coaching, and equipment . . . unable at times to overcome the battles among themselves . . . still the fencers at Bark Bay High School fight on, covering their faces with the gray metal masks of their sport and stepping onto the strip, ready to combat their foes. 

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