A New Respective

[Today’s inspiration is about changing one’s position on a topic]

“Sorry.” Rex extended his long arms to his sides with palms up, his body and arms making the shape of a giant W. “I know that was what I said last month, but then this damn thing with my family came up. So I can’t do it now.”

“Oh! That’s OK.” Being the newest member of the team meant Butch was the least bothered by Rex’s decision, yet he’d been with the fencing team long enough to feel comfortable sharing his opinion. “I think we can all understand that sometimes you have to change your plans, because of a new respective.”

Five pairs of eyes blinked in unison at the rotund teen. His closest friend, Rune, cleared his throat. “I think you mean, perspective.”

“No, respective.” Butch’s eyes filled with defiant confidence. “When you have an opinion about something, people say you have an opinion in respect to that thing, right?”

“Of course!” Coach Dan cast his warning gaze across the faces of other team members.

“Right. But when you have an opinion, and then something comes up and you’re like, huh I hadn’t thinked about that before, sometimes that means you have to change that opinion. And when you do that, change your opinion in respect to something, that’s called changing your respective.” He folded his arms across his chest, and smiled. “It’s a figure of speeching.”

“Very good!” Coach Dan walked away from the group of students, pointed to a line between the black and white tile on the cafeteria floor. “Rex, do what you have to do, we’ll be fine. But for now, I need everyone to line up for our next drill.”

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