Speaking in Tongues 5

Claire shook her head, amazed at her momentary indecision. She couldn’t have been given this talent if she wasn’t supposed to use it. “Good morning, ladies.”

The two Indian contractors from the IT department turned to her in amazement. Claire answered their disbelieving queries with vague lies of reassurance, yes she had learned their language years ago, no she hadn’t said anything about it earlier because she preferred to keep her working relationships professional rather than personal.

Moments later Claire exited the elevator, leaving behind a promise for lunch she had no intention of keeping. Her mind was so preoccupied that she struggled to remember her password, finally logging in to her computer on the third try. Her email application opened immediately to six new messages, which she answered immediately. By the time she opened the calendar reminder for her 9:30 call, she was fully into her workday routine, and her new talent faded into memory. She lived in a world of deadlines and expectations, a world with little room for miracles.

A few hours later, she received a message from Raji. He’d found another video. U wont no what they say, but this still funny as shit! She moved her mouse pointer down to the link at the bottom of the message. And paused, finally remembering her experiences from this morning, the passage of time and implausability of the events now causing her to question whether they had actually happened. She sighed, and clicked the link. “Guess we’ll find out.”

A grainy video appeared on her screen. Two bearded men wearing jeans and flannel shirts, sleeves rolled to the elbows, walked forward jauntily, angled a bit to the left of the screen. A whistling voice seemed to hover over them.

The man on the right began to speak. Horst, were you able to find your banana plane yet?

Claire gasped. She watched the rest of the video in silence, recognizing that Raji was right, the video was ingeniously funny, but her laughter was held in complete check by the knowledge she understood every word of what language was being spoken.


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