[The prompt from The Daily Post is to describe a time when everything turned out as hoped]

“Sorry.” Rex folded his arm back, scratched the side of his face. The Bird asked why he was apologizing.

“I dunno.” His tall, lean body standing over the team’s equipment sacks, Rex waved towards the middle of the Bark Bay High School cafeteria floor. “Didn’t see you fence tonight. Thought you’d be frustrated, is all.”

The slender teen, the top of her head at the same level of Rex’s chest, replied that she wasn’t frustrated at all. She went on to explain how she had learned so much during that afternoon’s practice, just by watching he and Annie fence, and by having Coach Dan stand beside her, guiding her eyes with his words — watch the feet, watch how she gets her arm out before she lungesdid you see the way he used the strong of his blade to wall off her attack.


The Bird considered his words carefully, as the tall teen removed his jacket, then stuffed it into one of the canvas sacks. By the time he turned his attention back to her, she had her response ready.

She explained that she truly wasn’t disappointed, because she had no expectations at the start of practice. That was what she liked about fencing, she explained, she had known so little about the sport when she’d started attending practice to know what to expect. And what kept her interested was the awareness that there was a world of undiscovered fascination in this sport.

Rex looked down at her, a puzzled look on his face, as if The Bird had been speaking to him in a foreign language. Today was no different, she explained. She had come knowing what would happen, and had discovered so much while she was there. She smiled, and confidently told Rex she could not have been more pleased.

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