The Amateur Tradesman’s Lament

[Today’s prompt from The Daily Post — describe one or more skills I’d like to have. For some reason, I’m inspired to respond this time in verse.]

Were I to learn a trademan’s craft

A carpenter I’d be;

With hammer and nail, saw and wood

I’d build a pleasant home.

But could I be happy in any house

Without electricty?

I’d need skill with wires, breakers, conduit 

To make my comfort dome.

And water’s essential, let’s not forget

To cook, or bathe, or pee.

Oh plumber’s craft, so often disparaged,

You must I also hone.

Aw, screw it all! These tasks would never end,

No chance of rest for me!

To Angie’s List, and for five-star reviews

 Will my searching eyes comb!


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