The Break

[A response to today’s Daily Prompt on The Daily Post, “Supercalifragilisticexpialidocious” — an immediate reaction to incredible news]

She had actually forgotten about her application a few days after submittal, her mind finally able to focus on work and family and the welcome distraction of her favorite shows, when Stan called to her in an excited voice from the street outside.

“It’s here!” The memory of all those months spent in preparation came back to her instantly, her heart sinking reflixively as anxiety ripped through her like a November gale.

She heard Stan stumble into the front door, curse; she was standing by the time he pushed into their home with annoyance. “Jesus, it’s here!” He extended the manilla envelope toward her, his eyes wide with desperation, as if the envelope would disappear if she didn’t take it from him, now.

A quick glance at the return address stamp — not that she didn’t trust Stan, the contents were just too important, would have such a dramatic effect on her life, to not verify that yes, what he held before her was indeed the direct result of all her efforts. And when she opened this package, its revealed judgement (acceptance or rejection) would be the opening lines of a new chapter in her life, filled with the excitement of discovery, the stress of even more toil, and more pain and frustration than she cared to consider.

So as she took the envelope from Stan’s quivering hands, she closed her eyes briefly, and recited a silent prayer of thanks for the break she had enjoyed. Eyes then snapping open, she fixed her gaze on Stan’s wide eyes. “Thank you.”

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