Song of the Sea Goddess

As the apparition formed and descended on him, Rune heard the mechanical hum of the turbines churning within the hydroelectric dam downstream. Though he had walked a good distance from his closest approach that evening, the hum was more distinctive than ever, with an anthropomorphic quality he had never detected before. The turbines sounded — thirsty, quenching its insatiable desire with the waters of the lake before exhuming it over the metal walls to the river far underneath.

But his focus remained on this vision before him, this angel from another world, this Sea Goddess, as it floated down to him, and with her lips closed in a gentle smile, began to sing in his mind:

Down long black clouds of ink you see me wave,
A silver vision from a distant sphere.
My time has come to shine your dreams away,
Forever starts tonight, so have no fear.

For life, a fragile song of bitter joy,
Plays no key that will ease your ceaseless pain.
Blind love gives pleasure, but time will destroy
The reason for your struggle, all in vain.

Some gotta lose, but losers have no name.
Why let life leave you standing there alone?
I can take you to where sleep has no shame –
All you must do, is join me on my throne.

Come fly away, high away, to my sea;
Perfect in body and soul, you shall be.

The silver clouds surrounding the apparition shimmered, and Rune knew her song had completed. In the distance, he heard the mechanical hum of the turbines, churning to quench their thirst.


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